Folding Ship - Landing

Based on the folding ship design used before...



So on top of my day job, which has been working on the upcoming Godzilla remake, for the past I try to find time to work on my own projects and ideas for features, graphic novels or games etc. I decided to shelve one of them yesterday, after seeing an upcoming game which is too similar for comfort. So I thought id just go ahead and post a couple of sketches I made for it.

It was set in the not too distant future, but with a Nam feel to it. Its basically a modified Bell helicopter :)

I had a bunch of storyboard panels is one of them...


Take off

Its been hard to find time for personal work recently, but I managed to find some time and energy one evening to have some fun :)



Some chinese water dragon sketches, I will post some more from the same project later...


City Line

First in a series of futuristic city scapes.....

Folding Ship

Quick concept idea...


Mobile Suit Gundam

After a recent trip to Tokyo, I felt like having a crack at my own Gundam design.

 I wanted to retain most of suits basic geometry, then add a few little features of my own.

To point out a few... I added triangular shoulder pads and vents, curved lights and a elongated head. The new antennae shape is based on the front decoration found on a samurai warrior helmet (kuwagata).

UPDATED: New colour pass. 

Mushroom Tower

Sketches for a childrens story project im working on.......


Bat Jump

I think this turned out to be a good way to spend a friday night. Hope you guys agree....

updated: I wasnt happy with a couple of the buildings, or Batmans silhouette, so ive re-posted :)